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When talking about accounting and taxation, if you are unprepared and disorganized, the very thought can send a shiver down your spine. Employing the services of a competent bookkeeping and accounting firm takes the burden off your shoulders. It gives you access to expertise and knowledge of accounting and taxes to make your business or household run precisely the way it should.

While we cannot understate the advantages a professional bookkeeping and accounting firm can bring to a business, it should also be noted that not all accountants are equal. It is wise to do your homework. Researching and evaluating the firm’s competence is clever as it ensures you know what you are getting into. Talking to people who have utilized their services is also an intelligent way to measure the company’s abilities before you place your trust in them.

At B A Sheahan & Associates Ltd., we are confident about the services we provide and will not shy away from giving you references. Besides, we will be happy to tell you why we are a top name in accounting and tax preparation services.

We have served the industry for the past thirty-five years as a qualified chartered accountant for a number of successful clients. If you’re looking for accounting and tax preparation services at very reasonable rates, ours would be a good number to call. (250) 590-3991

Our Clients have gained Actual Financial Benefits using our service 

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: In recent days, during COVID-19, we have helped a number of our clients file claims and receive wage subsidies from CRA to assist with their payroll to their employees during times when their gross sales and net income may be down. Our clients receive payments from CRA varying between $500.00 per month and $ 20,000.00 per month for wage subsidies legally available to them. The accumulated benefits to our individual clients in this area have exceeded $75,000.

Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy: Canada Revenue Agency offered rental subsidies to qualifying businesses and set down some significant qualifiers in order that a business is in line to receive a rental subsidy. We have assisted a number of our clients and the individual dollar return value again has exceeded $75,000 in some cases.

Audit Processing: Recently, our firm assisted one of our new clients in recovering taxes incorrectly charged, with income inaccurately reported, and where the benefit refunds exceed $ 200,000 collected back from the inaccurate reporting over the past 24 month period.  

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CEBA) Loan – These $ 60,000 loans have been extremely helpful to our small business clients. Some of these loans are proving to be life changing, and several of our clients who have received these loans using the services of B A Sheahan & Associates Ltd are seeing their businesses survive with a much brighter future, now that COVID-19 vaccinations are available.

BC Recovery Grants – The government of British Columbia has organized a program of grants to qualifying businesses where grant support is available in amounts between $ 7,500 and $ 45,000 depending on the business’ gross income level, and in part as well, depending on the industry of the business. B A Sheahan & Associates Ltd has assisted and is continuing to assist business owners to organize their financial information in proper form to apply for these grants, many of which have been granted recently.

Our vast experience
When it comes to bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation, what truly sets us apart from all competition and keeps us ahead of the pack, is the vast experience we bring to the table and knowledge that can only come from years of service. Our team is made up of Barry A. Sheahan, our founder, Ruby Popp, who has been part of the team for seven years. Onalee Slobogian, our competent office manager, and Annie Evans and Troy Chooi, members of our team who joined our firm in 2019 and 2021, respectively. 

Our teamwork makes us effective
While each team member does bring individual talent and experience working in various industries, we always try to remember that our success does not come from individual brilliance but the combined efforts of our team. When our clients choose us to manage their books and prepare their tax, they can be assured of the best services and utmost diligence as they don’t just get an accountant and bookkeeper; they get an entire support system.

Our innovation and drive 
At B A Sheahan & Associates Ltd., we genuinely enjoy what we do, and it shows in our diligence and eye for detail that saves our clients both time and money. Additionally, our drive to succeed, along with our commitment to innovation and openness to new ideas, helps us stay ahead of the competition and better serve our clients.

We offer reasonable and fair pricing for our work.
Our superior quality, unmatched customer service and enviable track record aside, when it comes to accounting and tax preparation needs, the reasonable price at which we offer our services also goes a long way towards attracting and retaining our clients. We base our fees on the case’s complexity and time spent rather than on the client’s financial background and other superficial factors.

Our forward-thinking and progressive approach 
Finally, we have rolled out initiatives that help our clients better understand and organize, like digital record keeping and information security measures that safeguard their data. What’s best is when our clients choose us, our services come along with these benefits with no extra cost to them. We believe in paying it forward and are exceedingly proud to be a part of our client’s success story.

As a leading bookkeeping and accounting firm in Victoria, British Columbia, we have worked in the accounting field for over thirty-five years and like to make things as easy as possible for our clients. 

We offer bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation services, and serve clients across Victoria, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Quadra Island, Burnaby, Langley, and the surrounding areas. We have other repeat virtual clients across Canada as well.

If you are seeking support in your business or on a personal side for bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation services, CRA audit or PST audits, keep us in mind!

To learn more about the services we offer at B A Sheahan & Associates Ltd., please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, get in touch with us by clicking here

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