Onalee R. Slobogian

Office Manager

  • Onalee R. Slobogian

    Onalee R. Slobogian brings operational and management skills to B. A. Sheahan & Associates Ltd. As a former teacher, and an owner of a small business, Onalee gained experience with business procedures, small business operations, financial programming and office management. For a period of 21 years at RH Gallery (Restoration Hardware, Canada), Onalee served in a number of positions in the Vancouver gallery, including retail sales, retail sales management, and hospitality.

    Onalee’s areas of experience in her many years with RH Gallery included general sales, group leader, associate manager, and customer relations, receiving numerous awards for her quality work and group support efforts. We are pleased to welcome Onalee to B A Sheahan & Associates in the role of Office Manager, where she will be responsible for greeting clients, intake and logging of paperwork, scheduling, some data entry and ensuring the office runs smoothly and efficiently.

Clients We Service

  • Advertising Business

  • Foot Care Specialists

  • Physiotherapy Clinics

  • Auto Body Repair Shops

  • GST Reporting

  • Professional Printing Industrial Corporations

  • Auto Sales Corporation

  • Gymnasiums

  • PST Reporting

  • Bookkeeping

  • Hair Salons

  • Resort Operators

  • Construction & Contractors

  • Incorporation

  • Software Design Corporations

  • Corporate Bookkeeping

  • Medical Clinic

  • Web Design Corporations

  • Corporate Year End

  • Online Marketing Firms

  • Wine Distribution Corporation

  • Dentistry

  • Payroll

  • Farm Operations

  • Payroll Only

  • Florist Shops

  • Personal Tax Preparation

  • Personal Tax Reporting