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Accounting today is in transition. Where in the past, bookkeepers gathered the documentation from their clients, and spent numerous hours separating the receipts and invoices, sorting these items, and entering the various expenses in to appropriate accounts, mostly misunderstood by the client, today’s bookkeeping services are changing.

Sage 50, Quickbooks Online, and Xero Accounting are all re-thinking their approach, and providing different avenues using modern technology to combine the efforts of the client and the bookkeeper to organize the financial reports, share the information through programs such as auto-entry, receipt bank, and hubdoc, and maintain the financial reports on a more modern and current basis then in the past.

B A Sheahan & Associates Ltd are committed to organizing their client services program in the most efficient manner possible. By using modern technology such as one’s cellular telephone, modern applications such as receipt bank, hubdoc, and auto-entry, our staff maintains better contact with the client as the client contributes to both the gathering of the information, and the final reported results in their business.

Interaction using these modern techniques has a number of financial and time saving benefits for both the bookkeeper and the client. Less time is spent sorting the information, so the cost to the client is reduced. More accuracy is enjoyed as the receipts and invoices are instantly received in the offices of the bookkeeper, categorized on receipt, and filed for a minimum of seven years electronically, thereby automatically preparing the client for the possibility of a future audit by CRA.

Efficiency in gathering information, organizing information, and entering this information into the financial accounting program of the client all results in lower costs to our clients. As well, accounting reports that are more current than a few months behind the present day are appreciated by busy clients who need information on the run, as opposed to historical reporting.

B A Sheahan takes the time in our initial meetings to organize and prepare each client for the future using modern technology and simple reporting apps.

We provide an initial meeting on a complimentary basis to give our potential clients an opportunity to receive an explanation of our services, and to consider how modern technology can work for them.

We have and continue to experience a major acceptance and general appreciation for these efforts by our clients. Hopefully we can be of assistance to every new client we meet

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