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We provide Bookkeeping and Accounting Services currently for clients Burnaby, BC.

In a world where we mostly communicate electronically, we believe in providing a personal touch and acknowledging our clients’ individual concerns. We want to ensure that our clients find value in our services and that our services are affordable.

Business and Personal Clients require access to their financial information that is both current and accurate.

Clients require this information so they can make the financial decisions required every day.

Clients require this information so they can address their concerns regarding their bank accounts, the Canada Revenue Agency, the Provincial Government tax agencies, and in many cases, how they can deal effectively with their customer base.

B A Sheahan & Associates Ltd. is able to provide the services to both organize and maintain your financial information accurately and efficiently so you, as our client, can access your information either on your computer, on your cellular telephone, or in paper form.

B A Sheahan & Associates Ltd. remain “On Call” to provide support information when clients deal with bank lenders, CRA Auditors, Provincial Tax Auditors, or other government requirements such as payroll information.

Using our “In the Cloud” services, clients always have instant access to their information.

Working as part of your team, we provide the support and back up to keep you ahead on your decision-making challenges, and the back up to deal with government reports, tax submission deadlines, and audit information requests.

Cloud Based Accounting Services

Accounting today is in transition. Where in the past, bookkeepers gathered the documentation from their clients, and spent numerous hours separating the receipts and invoices, sorting these items, and entering the various expenses in to appropriate accounts, mostly misunderstood by the client, today’s bookkeeping services are changing.

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